Thank you for your patience during these times of uncertainty. There has been plenty of optimism about the possibility of squeezing in some sort of league for the players. Unfortunately, time is running out for that to happen, so we have decided to officially cancel the 2020 season.

We have been issuing some refunds and will continue to do so. In addition, we have also had some requests from parents to forward their registration onto the 2021 season. As a result, we will offer two options for our members.

1.Stay Registered for next season -- We will move your registration form(s) into the "2021 file", and your child will be registered to play next year at the 2020 fees. If you like this option, you do not have to do anything, we will automatically do it. You do not have to email us. Your child has a guaranteed spot for next season.

2.Refund -- if you would like a refund, you need to email us your request and it must include all of the following information: child's name, birth date and the email used when processing payment, payments all went thru the PayPal system if you signed up on line. (sometimes this is different than the email you put on the registration form). IF YOU WALKED IN YOUR REGISTRATION, WE'LL NEED YOUR CHILD'S NAME AND BIRTH DATE, MAILING ADDRESS AND WHOM THE CHEQUE WILL BE MADE PAYABLE.

Please be patient, we have found the process thru the PayPal system and/or mail delivery to be slow and it has been time consuming, we must do each request individually.

Thank you again for your understanding and assistance.

We look forward to seeing your child play ball hockey in the 2021 season

The B.Q.M.B.H.L. provides an organized indoor environment (a hockey arena) where children 3 to 18 years old can play ball hockey with their team. We organize the teams, we provide officials and timekeepers....we even provide most of the goalie equipment.  You provide the great attitude and be ready to have a BALL!!!

This is the website for both the Quinte and the Belleville Minor Ball Hockey League.  The Quinte League plays out of the Trenton Community Gardens in Trenton, and the Belleville League plays out of the newly renovated Quinte Sports and Wellness Center.

The new 2020 season is approaching. Please sign up and pay online to guarantee yourself a spot in our League.

 Avoid the disappointment and sign up today! Why Wait?

Please take the time to ensure you are looking at the correct information for your particular League.

We are offering a streamlined registration process for the new Season.
Please click HERE to be linked to the Registration page
Please read the instructions carefully.

To see what night of the week you will be playing CLICK HERE
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BELLEVILLE Belleville Registration Form .pdf Download
QUINTE Registration form for Quinte .pdf Download

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